Facebook Ads Project Background

Surrogacy Agency Lead Gen

facebook lead ads surrogacyA national surrogacy agency based in Los Angeles California had worked with several digital marketing firms in the past to assist in developing a lead generation campaign to attract more surrogates, but were continually disappointed with the results they were receiving.

Their agency’s success is based on having enough surrogate mothers to fulfill the demand from couples and families looking to start or add to their families. The challenge was that previous firms had not been able to generate enough leads as a cost that was profitable for them.

Having listened to their challenge and understanding the channels they had tried before, we proposed a plan to recruit new surrogate mothers through Facebook Ads, and specifically Facebook Lead Ads.

How We Did It

What Two Wheels Marketing did successfully that previous firms did not do were:

  1. Develop a lead ad strategy where we could “prequalify” individuals before reaching the client’s website so that they were receiving more “quality” leads. This was done through a series of questions that were asked of the applicant from within the Facebook Ad. If someone did not qualify, they were not directed to the client’s website – thus saving everyone time and resource.
  2. Create and implement an automated email marketing “drip” sequence for leads that did qualify. This ensured that leads were followed up with in a timely manner and on an ongoing basis if the agency did not hear from them, which resulted in a higher conversion rate from lead to surrogate.
  3. Create and implement an automated text messaging follow up system for leads that did qualify. This again ensured leads were followed up with in a timely manner and on a medium that may be easier for them to reply to. Emails sometimes get lost. Phone calls sometimes go unanswered. Many times text messages can be a great way for interested parties to communicate.


In the first year of our campaign:

  • The agency was receiving a consistent stream of new “qualified” leads.
  • The agency’s internal sales team saved time on follow-ups with leads with the use of our automated email and text messaging systems.
  • More importantly, the agency now had actual surrogates they could match with intended parents!
  • Two Wheels delivered 23 surrogates in just under 12 month, which equates to close to $600k in NET revenue for the agency.
  • Their monthly investment was around $8k/mo. or around $96k during that time period.
  • The agencies return on their ad spend was around 600%!