SEO Project Background

home remodeling seo and ppcA residential remodeling company based in Columbus, Ohio with five locations throughout the United States, hired Two Wheels to develop a digital marketing plan to attract more customers in need of their services. The company’s goal was to increase online leads and to rank higher in organic search results for the services and locations they serve.

What We Did

  • Conducted intensive keyword research and competitor keyword research to identify top keywords
  • Created new SEO-optimized pages
  • Optimized existing pages with strategic title and meta descriptions and website copy 
  • Made website performance enhancements to improve speed, usability and conversion rates
  • Developed and implemented a regular blog content calendar
  • Reworked existing PPC campaigns to better target core keywords and improve conversion rates


After 1 Year:

  • Organic traffic increased over 750% due to SEO adjustments and consistent weekly blogging efforts
  • Organic traffic goal completions (phone calls, emails, requests for quotes) increased over 300%
  • Requests to book a quote online increased over 1,600%
  • PPC Conversion Rates improved 79% over the previous year
  • Cost Per Lead decreased from close to $100 to $50
  • Search engine rankings for core keywords increased substantially with the client ranking on the first and second page of search results for many key terms
Residential Remodeling Company SEO & PPC Case Study
Website Traffic – 1st Year – Google Analytics

“Our residential remodeling firm has used Two Wheels for over a year now for SEO, PPC and blog posts. In our 15 years of online marketing, they are the best company we have hired. We have seen an increase in SEO traffic and conversions, the ROI for PPC is good and the blog writing has been top notch. We would recommend this firm to other businesses looking to improve their online presence.”

– Spencer Baker