Your Social Media strategies should be aligned with your overall marketing initiatives and work in tandem to enhance all your digital marketing strategies. Social Media is an integral part of customer relations, “virtual networking” and overall branding and marketing. The conversation about your brand is already happening out there. Make sure you have a strategy and are present on the social networks your customers and potential customers are.

Social Media Services include:

Competitor Research: We research your competitors to determine which social networks they are using and how they engage with fans/customers.

Social Media Management: Handling the day-to-day postings, updates and engagement with fans.

Social Media Strategies: We develop strategies to help increase engagement and grow your social media friends and followers including:

  • Strategies to help integrate social media with your website providing increased traffic and to help supplement SEO efforts.
  • Suggestions for topics or products to feature on your social media profiles.

Analysis: We track the overall effectiveness of your social media efforts by tracking engagement, followers and friends, and more importantly traffic and conversions generated from social media.