Extension of your team

If your company has an in-house social media manager, blogger, SEO or PPC team member, but they are lacking strategic direction, this option is for you. Two Wheels Marketing will work as an extension of your digital marketing team to fill in the gaps where you need expertise.

Addition to your team

If you need a fully-integrated digital marketing solution and lack an in-house team, this option is for you. Two Wheels Marketing will act as your digital marketing department, creating a social media, SEO & PPC strategy that aligns with your overall marketing goals.

Our results-driven approach


We start with a discovery process to identify the unique needs of our clients. A company may approach us thinking they need more “SEO,” or they need to “rank #1” for their industry.” But after our discovery process, we often identify more specific digital goals that align with their main objectives.

Research & Competitive Analysis:

This is the phase where our team conducts extensive research on your business, your website, your industry and your competitors. During this stage, we identify your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for growth. We also work to find actionable opportunities in areas where your competitors are lacking.


Here, we begin strategizing and creating your personalized digital marketing plan, all while integrating unique digital strategies that will help your company meet defined goals.


We begin executing our plan immediately and work closely with your team to communicate changes, strategies and recommendations. We move quickly and count on our clients to move with us as we work to meet your goals.


Each digital execution is reviewed regularly to quickly gain insight into best performing strategies and to adjust the plan to meet company, competitor or industry changes. Digital campaigns are constantly evolving and require ongoing analysis and attention to swiftly adapt.


Our team communicates how each digital strategy is aligning with your goals, providing financial returns from the strategies implemented. All campaigns are geared toward delivering you a positive return on investment. Using website analytics, we will be able to see which channels are delivering you the best ROI.

Efforts will always be focused on those campaigns and channels yielding the best ROI for your business. Our results-driven approach allows you to “see” the value of our digital efforts towards your company goals.