Improving Conversion Rates by Improving Website “Calls to Action”

How a Simple Strategy Helped Us Dramatically Increase Our Clients' Leads

The main goal for a number of our clients is more “leads.” Whether they’re a national manufacturing company or a local dental firm, many of our clients come to us seeking more leads from our digital services.

Sure, our firm specializes in acquiring traffic through SEO, PPC and Paid Social, but we also consult with clients on improvements to their websites to help convert that traffic into more leads.

In this case study, we’ll show how the simple addition of sidebar contact forms and prominent mobile "click to call" buttons helped us dramatically increase online leads for two of our clients in just a matter of months.

What We Did


After 9 months:

This dental practice saw a 103% increase in contact form submissions compared to the previous time period (108 contact form submissions vs. 53).

After just one month:

This retail fixture manufacturer saw a 22% increase in total goal completions (contact form submissions, emails, phone calls) compared to the previous time period.