Our approach to Search Engine Optimization

Our approach to Search Engine Optimization is a holistic one that incorporates Social Media strategies, content strategies, link building, and most importantly…your marketing goals. A SEO campaign should work towards your main objectives whether that’s selling more “stuff” or driving more leads for your team to close. Our team focuses first on your main goals and then develops strategies to help deliver on those goals. SEO is a long-term investment that can yield rewards for many years to come.

Our SEO Packages include:

  • Site Audit and Technical Analysis: Complete technical audit of your website with recommendations for adjustments to achieve optimal search engine friendliness. We want the search engines to be able to access your site (and amazing content) effectively.
  • Keyword Research: We research the most popular and effective phrases related to your business to target on the search engines. This is an ongoing process every month to adjust to industry/company changes and to help target additional keywords in the future
  • On-Page Optimization: We recommend and make adjustments to your website content, Title and Meta tags, image tags and header tags to more effectively target keywords. Each page of your site is a potential landing page for a visitor. We make sure it is targeting the most appropriate keywords.
  • Link Building: The number of websites linking to your site is a key component search engines use to rank one website over the other. The more links you have and the more quality links you have, the better for search engine rankings.  We will work with you to develop a diverse link building strategy with the goal of increasing the links pointing to your website from important directories, social media sites, and influential industry bloggers & websites.
  • Social Media Integration: Your Social Media strategies should be aligned with your overall marketing initiatives and work in tandem to enhance all your online marketing strategies including SEO. We conduct or work with your social media team on strategies and techniques designed to integrate social media initiatives with overall marketing and SEO campaigns.
  • Content Strategies: Creating regular content is essential for SEO success and strategic content that integrates your core service offerings or industry “buzz” can help to deliver incremental traffic to your website each month. We develop content strategies based on both keyword and industry research, designed to provide additional traffic opportunities and affirm you as an industry resource.

Website Analytics

Tracking and measuring results is a key component in determining the effectiveness of our online marketing efforts. This is also required to adjust tactics as conditions change. At the beginning of the campaign, we will take baseline settings of where your website stands. By monitoring and analyzing your website analytics throughout the campaign, we will be better informed on which strategies are working and make adjustments accordingly.

Goal Tracking and Setup

Implement code to track “conversions” or “leads” from all online marketing initiatives.

Monthly Reporting

Monthly reports highlighting key online marketing and website metrics.

Actionable Data

Our analysis provides clients with actionable data showing which initiatives are providing a positive ROI and where improvements need to be made.