It is possible to target your core audience on social platforms like Facebook (Facebook Ads) and LinkedIn (LinkedIn Ads) with targeted social PPC campaigns. Each platform provides different targeting capabilities, but each offers the ability to segment your ad targeting to your core audiences based on things like demographics, interests, industries and job titles. We identify the platforms your company should be targeting and implement campaigns to meet your main objectives whether that is brand awareness, leads or sales.

Facebook & LinkedIn Ads Services

Campaign Strategy & Setup

Facebook and LinkedIn Ad campaign setup including audience targeting, ad messaging, conversion tracking, and inclusion of graphical elements.


Ongoing campaign optimizations and adjustments to audience targeting, bids, and messaging.

Reporting & Analysis

Monthly campaign reporting displaying core metrics like impressions, clicks, reach, and conversions.

Facebook Remarketing Ads

To target those who have visited your site before with remarketing ads on their Facebook news feeds with the goal of directing them back to your site and “converting” into a lead or sale. AKA – those ads that “follow you around” the Interwebs.

Facebook Similar Audiences

Using data from your actual website visitors or email lists, we can setup campaigns to target audiences that are “similar” to those audiences – helping to expand reach to a highly targeted audience.