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Two Wheels Marketing is a Columbus, Ohio-based digital marketing agency. We use the latest SEO, PPC, and Paid Digital Advertising strategies to meet our clients’ goals.
TWM Fact #82
Two Wheels helped a floral company with multiple locations increase their monthly revenue more than 10x over the course of two years!

Digital marketing shouldn’t be scary.

Do you wonder if partnering with an SEO company help you accomplish your business goals? Or will it only create more headaches? You’re not alone - potential clients often tell us they feel digital marketing agencies deliver:
Issue #1
SEO, PPC, SEM, GA, GTM — it’s enough to make your head spin. You need someone to ditch the jargon, or at least break it down for you in layman’s terms, so you know exactly what’s done and how it relates to your goals. Your digital marketing agency should speak your language.
Issue #2
Sometimes it can feel like you’re pouring money into digital marketing without knowing what it’s doing, where your money is going, or what you’re getting in return. Reporting should always be transparent and simple, so you understand the results of your efforts.
Issue #3
Your current sales flow, business goals, and digital marketing strategy should be on the same page. When they live in separate worlds, you risk wasting time and money. Your marketing ecosystem should be working for you, not against you.
TWM Fact #237

Two Wheels founder Mark Subel rides his e-bike 5 miles each way to and from the office every single day.

Digital marketing the Two Wheels way.

Our digital marketing company makes your SEO, PPC, and paid digital advertising clear, transparent, and aligned with your goals.


The one word we’d use to describe our team is: Approachable. If you have a question, we’ll give you a straightforward answer. If we don’t have the answer, we’ll research to get you the information you need.
Think of Two Wheels as one of your team members. When’s the weekly happy hour again?


We manage your budget like it's our own. Our data-driven approach and clear communication help you (and your CFO) understand the value of our services. We tie data to insights to make the next steps as actionable and informed as possible.
You can expect measurable results tied directly to your goals with Two Wheels.


Our strategy is tied directly to your business goals and sales model. We ensure the campaigns are aligned with your sales goals — from site enhancements to funnel optimization. We dive into your business to learn quickly and adjust as we go, ensuring a smooth process for your prospects.
Aligned processes amplify results, and that’s what we’re here to do.


We explain our processes and deliver the facts without coma-inducing jargon. We believe transparency and communication are crucial parts of a healthy partnership, and you deserve to know what you’re getting from your digital marketing campaigns.
You can spend your time worrying less about the lingo and focusing on the results.
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"Mark and the Two Wheels team has been an outstanding partner for our business. Our internet & Facebook leads have grown exponentially, even to the point that we have had to “turn off” the campaigns twice just to slow things down. Aside from the lead generation, their partnership has added value through strategy, opinions, and they have overall just been a great sounding board of advice."
Jamie Bratslavsky - Director of Marketing - Dave Fox Remodeling
We have worked with Two Wheels Marketing for the last year and are very happy with our results! Our online marketing has been an important part of our strategic plan. Over the last year we have experienced a level of growth well beyond that of others in our industry and we attribute that to our partnership with TWM. I also appreciate the real-time access we have to our numbers. Mark and his team are always quick to respond to any of our questions and I can't express how refreshing it is to know we have a partner with TWM's level of expertise!
Barbara Keller - All A' Bloom Florist
“Mark and Ryan with Two Wheels Marketing have been phenomenal to work with! They have embraced our limited knowledge in the marketing world and worked with us to get our desired outcome while making sure we knew what was happening behind the scenes. Their monthly summaries are thorough while being simple and direct. Best marketing team I have ever worked with.”
Heather Hutchins - The Fertility Agency

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