Lead Tracking

Lead Tracking Your Way to Business Growth

You’ve invested in digital campaigns to drive more phone calls and form submissions for your business. But do you know the quality of those leads and where they originated?
Two Wheels Marketing’s lead tracking system helps you track digital campaign traffic to closed leads and sales, and even to the dollar value derived from those campaigns. With our lead tracking services, you can optimize campaigns towards actual client sales and grow your business.
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Is Lead Tracking Right for Your Business?

Lead tracking is the process of monitoring leads from the first interaction with your business to the final sale. It helps businesses understand the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and how to optimize them for better results.
No more wondering if a lead came from a referral, a social media advertisement, or Google.
By tracking leads from digital campaign clicks to closed sales, our lead tracking services give you more visibility into the actual digital mediums, campaigns, ads, and keywords that are driving the best leads and sales. 
This helps you optimize your campaigns to:
Do more of what’s working + Do less of what’s not working
= Get more sales + Grow your business
"Two Wheels Marketing has been a tremendous addition to our business. Mark and his team have done an incredible job at establishing our company's digital platform. We have noticed a difference and can directly attribute our growth from their involvement. We could not be happier to work with Two Wheels!"
Kristen Omli
VP, Competitor Swim

How We Use Lead Tracking to Improve Results

When you work with Two Wheels Marketing, you get tools to track leads from digital campaigns to actual closed leads and revenue. We work with you to analyze the ideal platforms, campaigns, and keywords for driving the best results. With our lead tracking services, you’ll get:

Visibility into the full customer journey from digital lead gen campaign clicks to revenue derived from that lead

Optimization of campaigns toward actual client sales and growth

A continual and scalable process to increase the number of qualified leads

More efficient and effective campaigns, spending only on the campaigns that drive the best bottom-line results

Start Tracking Your Leads

If you want to visualize the value that digital campaigns are bringing to your marketing initiatives, lead tracking is for you. No more questions — you can be sure that your campaigns are working and bringing real, tangible business growth.
With tools and insights that help you understand the true value that our lead generation campaigns are delivering to your company's bottom line, you can increase your qualified leads. Think of our lead gen campaigns as your online salesforce, helping you drive real qualified leads while you sleep.

Bottom Line:

You shouldn’t have to wonder if your campaigns are working. Partner with Two Wheels Marketing to see the true value our digital marketing campaigns bring to your company. Reach out to us for a free consultation.