search engine marketing ebook
January 22, 2023

Search Engine Marketing Basics - eBook

Written by: 
Mark Subel

search engine marketing ebookAre you a small business, startup, solo-preneur, marketing manager, PR professional or anyone else - and confused about search engine marketing (SEO, PPC, SEM)?

As a digital marketing agency specializing in search engine marketing (PPC/SEO) and paid social media advertising, we receive many questions from businesses on how they can use search engine and digital marketing to help grow their business.

Most people are confused on the basics of digital marketing and don't realize the full potential of what is possible. We found that people were asking the same types of questions each time we met with them.

We created this eBook to help answer those questions, and as a way to share much of our expertise to help businesses better understand the basics of search engine marketing and some of the fundamental and relatively simple ways to help their business grow by utilizing basic search engine marketing strategies.

We are offering it for free so you can apply some of your learnings here to begin the process of improving your digital presence and reach your online goals. As with any "guide", this is just the tip of the iceberg - we could have written 100 more chapters. We felt this introductory guide was a good place to get started.

Introducing: Search Engine Marketing with Training Wheels.

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