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Two Wheels Marketing has been named a 2024 Google Premier Partner
Columbus Ohio based digital marketing agency Two Wheels Marketing has achieved 2024 Premier Partner status in the Google Partners program. Two Wheels Marketing’s team of experts provides PPC, SEO, and Paid Social Media Advertising for clients in Columbus and across the country and world. "We are extremely honored to be included as a Premier Google […]
Google Ads PPC Settings
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Google Ads Campaign & Keyword Settings Affecting Your PPC Results
Why are my ads not showing for the keywords I specified? Maximize your PPC results with our guide on Google Ads campaign and keyword match settings. Learn what campaign settings to watch out for and how to use match types to reduce wasted clicks and drive conversions.  Keyword match types and campaign settings are the […]
Small Business SEO
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Small Business SEO Services: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide
If you're a small business owner, you're likely inundated with unsolicited emails from SEO agencies around the globe every day. Each one makes claims more grandiose than the last, promising incredible results in no time flat (red flag!)  The truth of the matter is that not all small business SEO services are created equal. So, […]
PPC Lead Generation
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PPC Lead Generation Quality
You're getting leads, but are your leads quality? When running PPC campaigns to generate more leads for your business on Google Ads, Microsoft Bing Advertising, or even paid social platforms like Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, and etc., one of the challenges can be making sure as many of the leads are as quality as possible. […]
family law ppc seo
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PPC & SEO for Family Law and Divorce Attorneys: Unlock Your Practice's Potential
Digital Marketing for Family Law Attorneys Are you a family law or divorce attorney seeking an impactful digital marketing strategy to attract new clients and stay ahead of the competition?  Family law matters often involve sensitive and emotional issues like child custody disputes, alimony, or divorce settlements. That means establishing a robust online presence is […]
SEO & PPC Monthly Roundup for January 2019
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Difference Between Keywords & Search Queries In PPC
When it comes to PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, the key to success is maximizing your efficiency and understanding exactly how keywords and search queries can work together. Before you dive into the world of pay-per-click, it's important to understand the differences between keywords and search queries. Here is a break down of the main […]
This Landing Page Does Not Fail
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PPC Landing Page Best Practices
For Increased Conversion Rates Picture your current PPC or Paid Social landing page with a conversion rate twice as high, going from the industry average of 2.35% to an impressive 4.7% performance. That's double the number of leads going to your business. Alternatively, you could get the same number of leads with half the ad […]
Average PPC Convesion Rates by industry from
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Why Don't My PPC Ads Convert?
A successful PPC campaign requires a number of different elements to make it successful; whether you need more leads, sales, or brand exposure. In this discussion, we'll talk specifically about PPC "lead gen" campaigns which are designed to capture someone's email address or encourage a phone call to your business. One of the biggest challenges when […]
Why Aren't My PPC Ads Showing?
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Why Aren't My PPC Ads Showing?
You've spent hours and hours to conduct keyword research to identify the keywords you want your ads to show for. Then you had to spend several more hours constructing your highly-organized campaigns with tight geotargeting and awesome ad extension variations. And finally you've activated your PPC campaigns to start driving that targeted traffic to your […]
ppc advertising for lead gen
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PPC Advertising for Lead Generation vs. Other Advertising Channels
Lead generation is a key business goal for many companies, especially in the professional services industry or home services industry. Referrals, word-of-mouth, emails, web forms and even traditional marketing tactics like direct mail or radio ads are all tried-and-true ways to generate leads. But, for us and many of our clients, there’s nothing quite so […]
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