March 25, 2019

SEO & PPC Monthly Roundup – March 2019: LinkedIn Ads Interest Targeting, New Google Ads Keyword Planner Features & a Google Algorithm Update

Written by: 
Ryan Whiteside

Happy Spring! This month, we’re sharing important updates regarding LinkedIn Ads targeting, new Google Ads Keyword Planner features, and Google’s March 2019 algorithm update. Read these great SEO and PPC news articles below!

LinkedIn Ads to Use Bing Search Data for Targeting

The amalgamation of Bing Ads and LinkedIn (owned by Microsoft/Bing) continues to push forward some new advances in ad targeting on both platforms. The latest announcement by LinkedIn is the ability to utilize professional “interest” targeting both on LinkedIn and with data from content your audience engages with through Microsoft Bing’s search engine. Topics could be revolved around AI, customer experience, global economy and more. In essence, Bing/LinkedIn is trying to combine information from your interests, both on LinkedIn and the content you engage with on Bing Ads. This will essentially work to help you find a more targeted user for your advertising needs.

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New and Old Features Added to Google Ads Keyword Planner

Marketers, rejoice! Google has added some of your favorite Keyword Planner features from the old UI version, plus some new ones to make keyword research faster and easier. One of our favorite features is the ability to add keywords to existing campaigns. Other features to look forward to: more monthly search details, a new competition column, daily budget suggestions, and the ability to add some or all keywords in a grouped idea to a new or existing ad group.

Learn more on Search Engine Land: Google Ads Keyword Planner gets new (and old) features

Google’s March 2019 Algorithm Update

On March 12th, Google updated its core algorithm. So, what does this mean for you and SEO? As always, experts say that it’s important to continue to build brand trust and authority. This means you must publish valuable content. No matter the update, high quality content will continue to receive clicks from your target audience. And definitely keep in mind the intent behind searches. The algorithm seems to have increased priority on user signals and intent, so the more time a user spends on your site, and the lower the bounce rate than your competition, you’ll likely see improvement where your site lands in the search results.

Read all about the algorithm update on Econsultancy: What is the impact of Google’s March 2019 algorithm update?

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