facebook ads for insurance leads

Generating Consistent Digital Leads for a Commercial Trucking Insurance Company

A commercial trucking insurance company reached out to Two Wheels Marketing to help generate more leads at a lower cost per lead than they had been receiving from their previous agency.

The previous agency had been delivering a consistent stream of leads, but the cost per lead had begun to increase each month to the point that it was no longer cost effective for them. In order for the finances to work, our team would need to cut the cost per lead numbers in half, while driving the same amount of volume as their previous firm.

Having listened to their challenge and after reviewing their Facebook Ad account, our team developed a plan to both continue driving consistent leads AND lower the cost per lead.

What We Did


We found the previous firm did not update the ad creative very frequently, leading to “creative fatigue” from the audience they were targeting. This required our team to develop a huge suite of new insurance ads along with new ad copy, imagery and themes. We rotated these ads into the mix to find the types of ads that would generate the lowest cost per leads (CPL’s).


The audiences being targeted had been sufficient, but we found other opportunities to target additional “lookalike” audiences, additional “interest” targeting (related to trucking & commercial trucking) as well as combing audiences of similar interests to help give Facebook Ads more data in which to use their algorithm to find prospects at a more efficient CPL.

Landing Pages

We found that some of the previous agency’s ads were being send to a landing page that did not convert as well as another page on their website. (A conversion being the percentage of clicks on the ads that led to submitted forms.) Our team simply allocated more budget to the higher converting landing page, which immediately helped improve conversion rates and lower cost per lead numbers.

Continual & Frequent Adjustments

What we found with this client was that we needed to be more proactive and frequent with ad creation. The audience (which is finite) may sometimes see the same ads multiple times and start to ignore the ads. By updating them more frequently with new imagery and ad copy, we were able to keep the ads fresh for the intended audience. In addition, we kept lookalike audiences updated and the more leads we received, the more data Facebook Ads had to find similar insurance prospects.

The Results

Our campaigns delivered leads at half the cost the insurance company had seen with the previous firm.
Cost per lead numbers had reduced by 50% while also increasing lead volume for the allocated budget.
Our insurance client increased monthly spend 50-100% along the way and cost per lead did not increase, and actually maintained or improved depending on the month.
Our insurance client found a cost effective lead generation program utilizing strategies and implementations from Two Wheels Marketing’s Facebook Ad strategies.