Revenue from Google Ads and Bing Ads increased 100% and 178% respectively.

The Hot Shot’s Secret family of products includes diesel additives and cleaners designed to help diesel truck owners restore their engines and injectors. Purchasing Hot Shot’s saves diesel truck owners money by not having to replace their engines or injectors, which would cost much more than simply restoring the engines with their proprietary solution.

Two Wheels Marketing was commissioned to assist Hot Shot’s in driving incremental sales of their line of diesel additives via PPC marketing. Hot Shot’s had already begun a small monthly campaign targeting individuals looking for new injectors or diesel additives and was able to drive some sales via Google Adwords and Bing Adcenter.

What We Did

After completing an audit of the account and conducting keyword and competitor research, the Two Wheels Marketing team saw an opportunity to gain incremental sales from prospective searchers. The team made these major adjustments:

    • The entire account was almost completely restructured to allow for both targeted conversions of existing keywords and expansion into new campaigns based on keyword/competitor research.
    • A shopping campaign was setup to target their core products via Google product listing ads, assisting in an additional 50+ sales a month.
    • Remarketing campaigns were implemented to encourage previous visitors to come back and purchase.
    • Targeted display campaigns were set up targeting core industry websites where their products would gain the most traction.
    • Bid optimizations were implemented and adjusted monthly to generate more sales during peak purchasing times of the day and week.
    • Two Wheels Marketing provided suggestions on landing page adjustments to help better inform a prospective customer on the products, provide trust elements, and improve the overall layout for increased conversion rates.

The Results

Comparing monthly traffic and sales stats year over year, Two Wheels Marketing helped provide the following increases:

  • Monthly visits from PPC were up 218%
  • Sales transactions via Adwords were up 639%
  • Revenue via Adwords was up 100%
  • There was no major increase in the cost to acquire those customers. CPA remained steady during the entire duration of the campaign while sales/revenue increased.
  • Transactions via Bing Adcenter increased 200%
  • Revenue via Bing Adcenter increased 178%
  • Overall monthly visits to the site increased 238% year over year.
“Our residential remodeling firm has used Two Wheels for over a year now for SEO, PPC and blog posts. In our 15 years of online marketing, they are the best company we have hired. We have seen an increase in SEO traffic and conversions, the ROI for PPC is good and the blog writing has been top notch. We would recommend this firm to other businesses looking to improve their online presence.”
Spencer Baker