Healthcare PPC

Large Healthcare Provider PPC Audit Case Study

Two Wheels Marketing was hired to takeover an Adwords PPC account from another PPC firm for a large healthcare provider with the goal of increasing targeted traffic to their website within the PPC budget constraints. The client felt the account may not have been receiving the attention it deserved.

What We Did

After completing an initial PPC audit, our team discovered very few optimizations being done on a regular basis and many opportunities for improvements. The client wanted more traffic and more quality traffic to be driven to the site within their monthly budgets.

After taking over the account, we made the following optimizations:

  • Tighter keyword targeting through the use of “Exact” and “Broad Match Modified” keywords.
  • Conversion tracking implementation.
  • Maximizing impression share for top keywords’ to help drive more clicks and conversions.
  • Bid optimizations to help lower CPC’s and increase traffic and conversions, while maintaining or improving CPA.
  • Negative keyword lists
  • Expanded keyword list to include other relevant variations and similar services.
  • Added additional ad extensions to help improve clickthrough rate (CTR) and lower CPC’s (Cost per click)

The Results

A year over year comparison yielded the following results:

  • Adwords impression and click traffic up 178% (Note: the client DID increase their budget over this time, but we were still able to drive incremental gains)
  • CTR (Clickthrough rate) on search ads improved by 56%
  • Average CPC decreased 28% on search campaigns and 29% on display campaigns – helping them drive more clicks for the budget allocation.
  • Average position of their ads remained relatively stable between position 1 and 2.
  • After the implementation of conversion tracking – Conversions continued to increase month over month, while CPA (Cost per acquisition) decreased.

Average CPC Optimizations for PPC

Clicks and Average CPC Adwords

Conversions and Cost per Conversions in Adwords

We were able to deliver on the client goals for the year by both delivering “more” traffic and have metrics to be able to track the quality of that traffic through conversion tracking.

Traffic and Impressions from Google Ads increased 178%.

Conversions increased monthly while cost per acquisition decreased.