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Mobile Ad Platform PPC and SEO Case Study

The Mobile Majority (TMM) is one of the few fully integrated mobile ad platforms helping brands and agencies to reach the right audience at the right time with the right message. They make mobile advertising easier by integrating a number of the processes and technologies that go into serving an effective campaign.

What We Did

The marketing team at TMM reached out to Two Wheels Marketing to assist in driving traffic and leads through an integrated search marketing campaign (SEO + PPC). TMM was a rapidly growing leader in the ad tech space, but at the time, didn’t have the brand recognition that some of the larger players in the space. Additionally, the site was not as “authoritative” from an SEO standpoint, having fewer links from other sources than competitors.

Two Wheels Marketing conducted comprehensive keyword and competitor research to understand the keywords and topics driving interest in the mobile advertising space. From discussions with the client, some of TMM’s core target audience wasn’t as familiar with some of the more basic mobile ad terminology since the industry as a whole is relatively new. From that research and understanding, Two Wheels developed a content plan to target more “evergreen” mobile ad topics so that TMM was present in the search engines for common mobile ad tech terminologies.

To assist with “domain authority”, Two Wheels Marketing worked on a blogger outreach campaign to engage and interact with top bloggers in the mobile ad and digital marketing industry. As a result, a number of top bloggers and industry leading websites referenced TMM in articles or blog posts which many times linked back to the TMM website, helping increase overall “authority”. Some major players were now aware of TMM and were referencing blog posts or assets created by TMM on their sites, thus exposing TMM to their audience as well.

To supplement the SEO campaign, Two Wheels Marketing created a PPC campaign to help drive traffic and leads to the TMM site for various mobile ad tech related keywords. A display and remarketing campaign was also created to help expand brand awareness and re-introduce TMM to those that may have already visited the site.

The Results

Monthly Organic Traffic Growth

In the first 6 months:

  • Monthly organic traffic increased 77%.
  • Rankings for their core terms increased across the board.
  • PPC Campaigns were driving a consistent stream of conversions (leads) each month while also expanding brand awareness.
  • Most importantly – Monthly website conversions (leads) were up over 110%.

After 12 months:

  • Monthly organic traffic increased 195%.
  • By one year, they were in the top 10 for over 20 of their core “top level” mobile advertising related keywords and in the top 3 for almost half of those.
  • PPC Campaigns were continuing to drive a consistent stream of conversions (leads) each month while also expanding brand awareness through additional display campaigns.
  • Most importantly – Monthly website conversions (leads) were generating hundreds of leads per month.

Monthly organic traffic increased 195%.

PPC campaigns helped generate a consistent stream of new leads.

Monthly website conversions (leads) were up over 110%

“Mark and the Two Wheels Team were instrumental in helping The Mobile Majority construct the strategy for and execute against an inbound marketing plan that generated (and continues to generate) hundreds of B2B leads for our organization. His efforts and those of his team allowed us to rank organically in the top five results for dozens of keywords… and #1 for a handful of the most crucial (and competitive) phrases in our industry. Mark is not only technically gifted in SEO and PPC, but he also understands the human component – putting himself in the shoes of the users that will be interacting with the pages he constructs. The end result: an inbound program that works. I highly recommend Mark and Two Wheels Marketing for any business serious about making their online footprint felt.“
Matthew Russo
COO at The Mobile Majority