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SEO Content Strategy and Blogger Outreach Case Study

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Brand Thunder is the world’s leading developer of branded browser themes for major brands like CBS Sports, the NBA, NFL,, Huffington Post, College Humor and many more. They create custom themes for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer, however they were not receiving much traffic from “theme” keywords related to the browsers they service.

What We Did

Two Wheels Marketing did a comprehensive keyword review and analytics analysis and determined that Brand Thunder was losing out on a number of “theme” related keywords and even core keywords such as “Internet Explorer themes.” Two Wheels Marketing developed a content strategy designed to target hundreds of new organic keywords in addition to supplementing their main keyword targets. From an external SEO standpoint, Two Wheels Marketing developed a blogger outreach campaign designed to connect with theme and designer bloggers in an effort to acquire more external links and more traffic from other websites.

The Results

During the campaign implementations:

  • Traffic increased 87% from the previous year
  • The # of unique organic keywords sending traffic each month increased from 872/month to over 6,000/month.
  • Google organic traffic was up over 600% from previous year
  • Rankings for 20 of their top keywords moved into the top 50 in Google from outside the top 100 prior to the start of the campaign.
  • Brand Thunder saw increases in their top 3-4 core keywords, which delivered an incremental number of conversions.
  • Two Wheels Marketing also utilized social media campaigns (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn) to supplement SEO efforts and increase traffic and brand exposure on those mediums. Each platform saw steady meaningful increases and Pinterest became a top-referring site during that time.
Total traffic increased 87% from the previous year.
Google organic increased over 600%.
“Mark has not only executed our SEO/SEM strategy, he basically developed. As a startup, we all wear multiple hats and operate on gut instinct and Mark just jumped right in and made an impact day one. He not only executes but he communicates results effectively. He does not need day-to-day management and is one of the most effective consultants I have ever come across.”
Patrick Murphy – CEO