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YoY Sales Increase for Flower Shop

All A' Bloom is a leading flower shop in the Kansas City area serving customers through the city and surrounding suburbs. All A' Bloom reached out to Two Wheels Marketing to assist in growing online sales and overall sales both online orders, phone sales and in store sales. They had been running campaigns and wanted to really see an increase to push their business forward more. Since Two Wheels Marketing also specializes in digital campaigns for florists, we saw an opportunity to help them grow sales, phone orders and overall traffic.

What We Did

  • Two Wheels restructured the PPC campaigns based on our experience, to drive traffic to top converting keywords and pages.
  • We helped setup optimized landing pages for a variety of types of flowers and locations that All A' Bloom delivers to which helped them to have a good experience for the traffic we were sending them.
  • We setup new campaign types and strategies to help drive incremental sales.
  • And then we managed the account per our normal internal processes to both increase sales, but also provide a good return on their PPC investments.

The Results

We started managing their PPC paid accounts in 2023. Over that time, we saw the following results...

  • 2023 Gross Website Sales $505,278.
  • 2022 Gross Website Sales $252,051
  • 2023 Gross Total Sales $1,241,811 (They hit $1 million in October, which was a very big milestone for them!)
  • 2022 Gross Total Sales $878,452
Their online website sales went from 25% of their revenue to 41%
Now, All A' Bloom is looking to for a 2nd location in the K.C. area to open another shop. Cheers to business growth!
We have worked with Two Wheels Marketing for the last year and are very happy with our results! Our online marketing has been an important part of our strategic plan. Over the last year we have experienced a level of growth well beyond that of others in our industry and we attribute that to our partnership with TWM. I also appreciate the real-time access we have to our numbers. Mark and his team are always quick to respond to any of our questions and I can't express how refreshing it is to know we have a partner with TWM's level of expertise!
Barbara Keller
Owner, All A' Bloom