Improving Conversion Rates by Improving Website “Calls to Action”

How a Simple Strategy Helped Us Dramatically Increase Our Clients’ Leads The main goal for a number of our clients is more “leads.” Whether they’re a national manufacturing company or a local dental firm, many of our clients come to us seeking more leads from our digital services. Sure, our firm specializes in acquiring traffic through … Continued

Average PPC Conversion Rates by Industry in 2018

PPC and Paid Social marketing software provider, Wordstream, has released an updated report on average PPC conversion rates as of 2018. Wordstream breaks down a variety of standard PPC metrics by industry including: CTR (click-through rate), Average Cost per Click (CPC), Conversion Rate, and Cost Per Action or Acquisition (CPA). If you’re not familiar with … Continued

Why Don’t My PPC Ads Convert?

A successful PPC campaign requires a number of different elements to make it successful; whether you need more leads, sales, or brand exposure. In this discussion, we’ll talk specifically about PPC “lead gen” campaigns which are designed to capture someone’s email address or encourage a phone call to your business. One of the biggest challenges when … Continued

Why Aren’t My PPC Ads Showing?

You’ve spent hours and hours to conduct keyword research to identify the keywords you want your ads to show for. Then you had to spend several more hours constructing your highly-organized campaigns with tight geotargeting and awesome ad extension variations. And finally you’ve activated your PPC campaigns to start driving that targeted traffic to your … Continued

Facebook Ad Targeting Options – Full List

Facebook ad targeting options provide a wealth of capabilities for businesses and marketers to hone in on the ideal user persona for their campaign goals. From demographic targeting, interest targeting, behavioral and more, there are an infinite number of possibilities for showing your message in front of the ideal audience. With all of those possibilities … Continued

What to Expect with Your New PPC Campaign

So, you’ve finally seen the PPC light, done your research, talked to a few PPC agencies (hopefully us, too!), and your PPC firm is ready to push your campaigns live. But now, you likely have more questions than before you started the process! You’re probably wondering: What’s next? What can I expect to see? How … Continued

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